Our Mission

APYCM is dedicated to unite Africa & youths together, sensitize them on mind
liberation, advocate against environmental harms and contribute to Africa & development.


We believe that Africa is blessed with great resources that are enough for its
citizens to create a desired environment but due to certain factors like ignorance of nature,
corruption, insecurities, greed, selfishness etc., Africans has on daily basis subject themselves to
poverty. So we believe in utilizing its natural resources to create an environment of collective
desire. We also believe that by uniting our youths together, we all will join hands and create in
Africa great opportunities.


To create a sense of unity between all Africa & youths through the
initiation of projects that will give each Africa & country an opportunity to meet and display their
identity. To pioneer and encourage the involvement of the youths to ensure the SDGs is carried
out in every Africa. To sensitize and advocate against the dangers of migration outside Africa
especially using illegal means. To be the number one organization in Africa whose efforts will
create jobs in each member country, build schools, companies and encourage development. To
build a movement that will be bold to speak against corrupt leaders and illegal foreign
involvement in stealing Africa & resources.


To create unity among Africa  & youths and help build the Africa that we
collectively desires.

Charity 75%
Tours Across Africa 31%
Training of Youths 65%
Conferences 88%
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